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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Blog Traffic Challenge nears its conclusion

A few months ago I entered the Blog Traffic challenge on the Can I Make Big Money Online website. You can see the details of the challenge here ... Join The Blog Traffic Challenge! basically it involved doubling your traffic in a period of three months. Certainly not an easy task (for this blogger anyway) - I'm pretty good at exponential growth but maybe this was a little to exponential.

At the end of this month the challenge ends and my traffic from March will be compared to traffic from this month and we can then see if the challenge has been accomplished. I have run Google Analytics in "compare" mode for the June month 1-16th and the equivalent in March just so we can see how we are coming along.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how much that this sites traffic has grown, it has almost doubled, however I am fast running out of time, so need a big boost for the last couple of weeks if I am to achieve the challenge.

The best thing about the challenge for me was that it really got me making a conscious effort to learn about and improve the things that I had control over to increase the search engine results and this has been a real success.

Of course I could go and use some kind of Blog explosion or other dodgy method to get myself over the finish line, but prefer to do this in as natural a way as possible, what good is a short term gain from a bunch of visitors that never really wanted to visit in the first place.

One of the big things that had a huge effect due to more effective SEO was changing the title tags - you can read how it was done Blogspot Title Tags how to Remove Blog Name from the Beginning .

Another effective method was writing a number of how to articles..... Make Money Fast by writing "How To" Articles. If you can create a really easy to follow and useful how to article that gets linked to by other bloggers then some very real traffic gains can be made.

Its been a great learning curve to identify a key word that is widely searched for - in my case "Make Money Fast" and optimize my site for it. This has been so successfull that now its by far my biggest keyword phrase referrer, particularly from which by the way seems to be particularly fond of optimized title tags.

In two weeks I will be posting the conlusion to this experiment, you may want to Subscribe by Email to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under so that you don't miss the finale.

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stratz said...

ahh now in the 3 months my adsense impresions have gone up but that is because of new sites. Not sure how much my traffic has gone up for the site in question.

Anonymous said...

Google ad impressions are not really a reliable way of estimating traffic, one person could make tons of impressions, especially when a site is in "beta" or "test" mode.

I recommend Google Analytics, its easy to install and has a mammoth amount of information available.

stratz said...

Yeah I should probly do that. Maybe once things cool down for me and I have some to look into it. I will put it on my list. But at the buttom.

Anonymous said...

Great results. I will be writing about my results sometime in the next few weeks. If you can send me an email with your final post and I will be sure to link to it. Next week, I am going to start asking people who entered, how they did. I know at least one entrant, who must have done phenomenally well.

Anonymous said...

George - sure I will send you the link at the end of the month, will be very interesting to see the results of all the participants - especially emom. I guess as she keeps overloading her server she must be making some pretty good gains lol.

Anonymous said...


You are right. I am looking forward to her results.