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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Blog Traffic Challenge Finishes

Back in March I entered the Can I make Big Money Online Blog Traffic Challenge. The Challenge was to attempt to double the traffic to your blog in three months, and on the 30th June 2007 that challenge ended for me.

are a number of things that you can do to increase traffic to your site, and that includes things like search engine optimization, social networking, quality content creation, consistency of posting and much much more. What I found worked for me was choosing one thing at a time and then doing whatever I could do in that area to improve things going forward.

One of the main areas I concentrated on was SEO, mainly because I knew that improvements in this area would not provide instant results, however they would provide ongoing traffic and the results could be significant if the proper research and implementation was carried out

The way I approached this was to simply determine a phrase that I wanted to optimize the site for. In this case after doing a reasonable amount of keyword research I selected the phrase "Make Money Fast" its interesting to note that this site is now on page number one on MSN for this term and although we are not on page number one on Google yet, we do rank well for terms like "Make a fast Million" which is doing very well for us.

Initially the site was not even ranked in the top 10,000 results for the phrase "Make Money Fast" however today when I checked we are sitting at position 94. Hopefully in the weeks to come this will continue to improve. Please see the graph below, note the lower the line the closer to the front page!

Articles Articles Articles
I have tried and write an article everyday, this ensures that return visitors will have something fresh to greet them when they come back the next to see whats going down at the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.

Meme lists
I joined in the favourites exchange launched by, that helped not only this site be favourited by about 170 people but it also launched us into the top 10 K blogs on This particular article has 94 comments on it - that shows how many people a single article like this can bring in the way of real traffic.

The Results
Now after all this I did not unfortunately achieve the key objective which was to double the traffic in a three month period. However I did achieve a 52.39 percent increase which is a fantastic result really. Below is the graph showing the traffic gain over the last few months.

I recommend that anyone that wants to significantly boost the traffic to their site participant in a challenge like this, and if there isn't one around why not start your own?

By having a goal to aim for that is concrete it really helps you get motivated, and although I didn't actually achieve the goal, its quite possible that if I hadn't tried the traffic to my site would be considerably less than what it is now.

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admin said...

congrats. i did join programs similar to that you've mentioned. recently i joined viral linking and it did boost my traffic. great blog you've got.

Anonymous said...

Thanks lady influence, viral linking can certainly give traffic a boost.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm sorry I missed out on the challenge, but glad you got some good results. I will implement many your techniques into my own blog. Great follow-up post.