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Friday, July 06, 2007

The Confusion of Disclosure - Lets Clarify

I have been getting a little confused by what exactly is meant by Disclosure in regards to sponsored posts lately... one post I recently did for PayPerPost says in the guidelines for the post itself...

No in post disclosure and no disclosure badge, per Advertiser.

Now thats ok, I did the post and submitted without adding the disclosure badge or anything like that however it was rejected saying remove in post disclosure. I have eventually figured out that it appears to be because I tagged the article as a Sponsored Post - as I do with all my sponsored posts.

Fair enough I guess I will have to remove it, however by doing this appears to violate PayPerPosts own Ethics which clearly state...

Truth-in-advertising is extremely important to us. It is your responsibility to follow our full disclosure policy and inform your readers about your relationship with our advertisers. PayPerPost reserves the right to remove you from our system or cancel bounties if you violate this policy.

Certainly makes it confusing. I have placed a support ticket in to try and get a clear answer however will have to wait and see. If you can explain it clearly please leave a comment to that effect.

While on the topic lets answer a few more questions that may have you confused...

What exactly is Disclosure?
I have taken this from which incidentally was a site created by PayPerPost where bloggers can get a disclosure policy for their sites.

The act of making something obvious. Disclosing (divulging or explaining), the purpose and interests of a blogger in his/her published posts: written, audio or video.
When is Disclosure not required?
Some sponsored post sites require it, some don't - I am still a little confused on PayPerPosts stance on this, I have had posts rejected where they were tagged as sponsored posts however I did not have a Disclosure Policy - and now I have had one rejected for being tagged as a sponsored post with the explanation that it is an in post disclosure.... I am however seeking clarification on this as I am sure it must confuse a lot of people - its important to have very clear guidelines and things are a little blurred at the moment.

What is site wide disclosure?
Site wide disclosure is in essence a clear disclosure policy that is accessible from every page on your site. E.g the one I have at the top right of this site.

Do you think Disclosure is important?

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stratz said...

you too... I got one too. lol. buddies...

Mariposa said...

I'm new to this yet I think I've nailed it so far. Site Wide Disclosure is something general, a declaration that you accept something in exchange of ad post...etc...and you can define it further by whether you are responsible for the content or not, whether your content was influence by it or not...I got it when I went to the section which lets me draft my own Disclosure Policy as I get to read the other options there.

Now in-post is a declaration of a specific post, one example is the one you mentioned as sponsored post. So if they do not want in post, just make the post and link and don't do anything more...I have not met an advertiser who wanted both disclosure taken it.

I hope I did not confuse you more. :)