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Friday, July 06, 2007

Featured Post - Settlement Capital Corporation

Settlement Capital Corporation are based in Dallas, Texas and the company was originally founded in 1988 by one of Americas cash flow pioneers Jim Lokey.

The Settlement Capital website is very easy to navigate and there is a regularly updated blog attached to it with a number of not only informative articles, but videos and audio as well. A valuable resource for those in any related industries, or those seeking to learn more about the likes of structured settlement refactoring.

The main services that Settlement Capital offer are as below.

Structured Settlements Factoring
Structured Settlements Factoring is one of the core services that Settlement Capital Corporation offers. By allowing clients the opportunity to sell part of their structured settlement this means that the clients immediate need for cashflow is taken care of and it also protects their longer term interests at the same time.

If you are looking to sell your structured settlement payments you need to advise Settlement Capital of your state, your insurance company and the payment details. They will then provide you with a quote.

Annuity Financing
Purchasing annuities through their Annuity buyout program means that individuals can meet their current financial requirements ahead of time.

A buyout of your annuity provides alternative cash flow funding via a lump sum cash payout or a more tailored payment plan.

Future Payments
Settlement Capital will review other Future Payments scenarios on a case by case basis. They are primarily going to be interested in looking at guaranteed payment streams that are backed by high credit obligors.

In some cases Settlement Capital can even provide you with an advance while waiting for the court order to be approved. If the court order is denied, they will work with you to ensure appropriate steps are taken to get it resolved.

Settlement Capital are a well known and ethical company that have been around for a long time. Their experience in navigating the complex laws and regulations regarding future payments, annuity options and structured settlement factoring means that if you need advice or are wanting options to consider your first stop should be their website.


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