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Monday, July 02, 2007

Featured Post - Inasra

Inasra.com is a site that provides a portal for finding hotels in India. They claim to bring hotels closer to their visitors and in fact say that most of the hotels are just 2 clicks away.

As far as using the site goes its very simple to use and I like the format - its intuitive. Basically you just choose the area that you are looking to stay and the date range, Inasra then displays a list of the hotels that match what you are looking for along with details.

Once you get to the results display there are a number of additional filters that you can apply, so depending on star rating, price etc you can reduce the number of hotels and just have the ones that exactly match your requirements.

Even hotels that are not actually affiliated with Inasra.com still show - however you can not actually book these through the site and need to organize it yourself. Each of the hotels has the option to leave a review on it, and you can read the reviews left by others - however I did not find any reviews on the 4 or 5 hotels that I looked at, this will I am sure change over time.

The site makes good use of web technology, for example you can drag and drop rooms from the hotels into your shopping cart.

In summary if I needed accommodation in India, I would certainly recommend this site.


Anonymous said...

well, I experiences something different :-) I booked a hotel, and paid by creditcard. Within a few hours I was notified that they made a mistake, and that I hade to pay 80 US dollar extra (the initial price was 120), because it was peak season, the hotel had been improved and more blab bla. In the end, half the hotel was empty, and the hotel was still the same as two years before! However, the same happened to my brother-in-law two weeks later. So, if you wanna book a hotel, it's better to go to the hotel yourself and bargain, instead of loosing your money to this Chennai-based agency.