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Monday, July 02, 2007

June Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

The Experiment
The goal is that starting with only $36 earned in the first month to increase earnings by at least 20 percent each month with the intention of not only eventually earning One Million Dollars but to also be earning after only 30 months more than $7000 per month. We are now entering month 10 of this experiment.

Top Referrers
The top 5 sites for June that have earned themselves another month on the front page and all the other 300 or so pages of this site are.... (canimakebigmoneyonline.com also made the list but I already link to this site under "gurus of blogging"
Also thanks very much to the following Blogs that are also sending me big numbers on a regular basis but didn't quite make the top 5 this month..

Shaun Carter dot Com
Pinoy x-sa KSA
Successful Blogging With Random Shock
Elizabeth Rose
My Journey to One Million Dollars

Month 9 completed
June has proven to be another record month in this exponential growth experiment that is to date exceeding all expectations.For 9 straight months ever increasing targets have been not only achieved but often almost doubled and this month was no exception. The target for June was $158-45 however we came in at $366-87 with an even bigger month projected for July. (although we actually banked $366 we earned over $600 much of which will be paid in July)

Passive VS Active Income
Passive Income - this month was $120-67 - this is definitely up on previous months and that is mainly due to Text link ads, and other forms of advertising.

Active Income - $246.60 - Sponsored posts, sponsored posts and more sponsored posts.

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stratz said...

Dam I had 2 more ppl interrestedbut I think the blgospot site acare them away they want .com sites. oh well.

rob stgeorge said...

thanks stratz - for those of you that may wonder what he is referring to stratz and I are trying to sell posts across a bunch of our blogs as a package deal.

keep trying buddy!