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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is the Next Google PageRank Update Near?

By looking at the previous dates of Google PageRank updates we can then see if we can predict when the next one is due. Having a higher PageRank as we all know means more money making opportunities for our sites. I would be so happy to achieve a PR of 5, however have been stuck with 4 for the last two updates. This time however I removed many of my links outwards off the homepage ( trying to get rid of the dreaded PageRank leakage ), so it will be interesting to see if by moving this it makes any difference.

One site has exactly what I was looking for, the dates of all the previous PR updates going back a couple of years - Page Rank Export List History.

Looking at the law of averages it appears that the next update should be before the end of July.

What PR are you hoping to get? Some of my sites are so new I will be happy to get any PR, however on this particular site I would really like to get a PR of 5. Its about time the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under got a little more Google love.....

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Ellie said...

I am hoping for 5, too. I'm currently at 3, so 5 may be a huge leap, but even 4 would make me feel better!

Ellie @ thepinkc

rob stgeorge said...

Good luck to you ellie, sometimes you can never be sure what hand google is going to deal to you.

Tom said...

Hi Rob - hoping I'll be on for some PR5s too this time around. I've started nofollowing the links in the body of my posts, but I think it's mose hassle than benefit! Have a good crop of backlinks now so hopefully I'll fair okay. Nice to see your blog still ticking along.

rob stgeorge said...

Hi tom, nice to see you again, good luck for the PR5 mate!

I think we need to find someone at Google that is open to a bit of bribery.