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Monday, July 09, 2007

Make Money Fast with a High Paying Niche Site

Its well known that some sites earn more money via their Google Adsense advertising than others and the reasons are because advertisers have to pay a lot more for certain words and phrases than others. If you are looking at creating a niche blog about a product you would be wise to consider this and see if you can find something that is highly sought after.

A list of the top 500 adwords is available via this article Most Profitable Adsense Words

Of course you probably want something that interests you as well, and doesn't have to much competition!

By creating a niche site you become more attractive to other advertisers as well, so although it may be tempting to make a "how to make money online" site beware that these are exceptionally difficult to make money out of and niche topics are the way to go!

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