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Monday, July 09, 2007

Make Money Fast with Package Deals

Myself and one of my Colleagues "Greg Stratz" (from the Make Money Forums) have combined a number of our sites into a network of 8 blogs and have been attempting to sell for a small fee a package where someone can submit an article with 3 links in it and we will post it on all 8 Blogs.

This has been having some success in the last day or two however unfortunately the price that we can get is fairly low and its quite an effort for a few dollars.

It is all extra money though and worth mentioning, as it may work ok for you. Here is how we do it.

Make a post on Digital Point Forums with an offer for 3 links in 8 articles spread across 8 blogs for a set fee, posted within 24 hours. The Digital Point member if they are interested in this pay the fee, send the article and we paste them onto the eight sites. For a little extra we write the article for them as well.

I think it is worthwhile experimenting with this kind of money making as if you managed to do it on a large enough scale and outsource the actual effort involved there is definitely scope to make a few dollars.

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moks said...

I read todays post of Robs make-money-fast-with-package-deals. I like the idea, certainly (probably) a network or a cooperative of blogs marketed

PoEt said...

You should include a link to one of your posts, I'm interested

bhjayalaxmi said...

hello ,
I am Jaya.Nice info.want link exchange with my blog .My blog rank's fourth .If you have linked to my blog then let me know i will link back to you.


stratz said...

Lots of more replies. I emailed you again. I should be online later tonight.

Leonid Shalimov said...

Great website, been reading it for a week now. Always good content.

Information is well put out and the content is great like I said before.

Let me know what you think of my website as well, we are in the same niche.

rob stgeorge said...

poet: We are selling these packages like hotcakes, I keep asking Greg to put the price up because its WAY to cheap in my reckoning, nevermind we are raising money for a joint project.

Moks: Thanks - its a good idea, however will take time to optimize it.

leonid: off to take a look at your site now, will leave you a comment on it.