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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bringing home the Bacon Online

This month is a month of milestones, finally we will make $1000 US ( this months income ) which is very cool, especially because this experiment started less that 1 year ago and we are able to prove that it is possible to make money fast online, not big money yet, however the way the graphs are going things are looking fairly solid for the future at this point.

Finally we crack monthly payments for AdSense, we had been stuck on bi-monthly payments there for the last few months, however at long last thanks to a boost particularly on one of my sites we have broken through.

Other News

Linkworth get a redesign. These guys are one of my best affiliate programs, they also are linkbrokers for about 10 or so different link products like text links, links in text, sponsored posts and more - lots more actually definitely worth checking out. The old design was a bit clunky and not very user friendly however things are looking a lot tidier and easy to use in their new control panel

Payu2blog have launched their much awaited "town forum", if you want to earn regular income blogging I can recommend signing up with the blog marshals, great company and very cool to work with. They seem a little hard to get accepted by these days, however give it a go anyway.

Anyway folks, its early morning and now unfortunately I must head to work, although I only work three days a week, its three days to many!

Have a good day - I will try to make at least 20 dollars tonight, how much are you going to make?


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Laura said...

Congratulations on making $1,000 this month. Wow!

I have an account with Linkworth but I can't use it because it's so confusing to me. Even with their new design, I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. :/

rob stgeorge said...

thanks laura

It is a bit confusing, however they have an excellent referral program, if you go into the banners you can extract a referral link out of there and they pay 10 dollars for every sign up.