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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Todays Challenges - One "foot" at a time

Well yesterday ended up being a somewhat successful day I guess, I spent most of it finishing off my new site World Oldest People and thats pretty much all set. For those of you that see the logo I realize I missed an apostrophe there, however that will go on the todo list.

As far as earnings went I clocked in at around 32 US dollars which is just under my daily average for the month, we are going to crack the 1000 US mark this month thats for sure.

Its really going to be a month of benchmarks, because all things going to plan this month will also be the first month that I start getting monthly payments from the big "G". My first payment took almost a year to accumulate so things are certainly on the improve.

I continue to do sponsored posts and will be getting paid over $100 dollars for my last fortnight with PayU2Blog, on the other networks I now try to stick to a $10 dollar minimum to make it worthwhile. Trying to focus on building the Make Money Fast empire on day at a time.

My sirblogger site is on the front page of google for the words "female celebrity foot picture" however am I seeing increased hits from this? Yeppers sure are, lets just see what happens with this one, I need to keep collating information for a while before I can make any definite conclusions!! But damn that wasn't to hard which is kind of scary.

Today I want to earn 25-30 Dollars, and maybe flick off a couple of links. That's it. I have a 10 dollar post waiting for me, so best get into it.

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stratz said...

it must be nice to have so many Paid post waiting for you. BTW I love the new site.. lets hope it = $$$$ Be sure to let us know how sir blogger fairs.