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Monday, August 20, 2007

Featured Post - Debt Relief - Credit Card Consolidation

When it comes to managing debt its easy for things to get out of hand and that is where Debt Relief can help.

How do you know that you actually need debt relief? Well the signs are things like maxing out credit cards, and expenses that exceed your income levels.

Debt relief is taking stock of your various debts and then consolidating or merging them into a manageable debt that can then be cleared however there is no point in doing this if you are just going to get yourself into even more debt.

One way of managing your debt is by Credit Card Consolidation, this involves taking the money owed to your credit card and paying it off with one loan with a lower interest rate than what you are paying on your credit cards, it means that the debt is easier to pay off, however again be careful that you don't then go and re spend on your credit cards!

I personally think that if you are in position where you are requiring credit card consolidation you should be seriously considering getting rid of your credit cards altogether as obviously you are not managing them very well!


Vinay said...

Agreed. I have also blogged about debts on my blog at http://desinotes.com/10-tips-to-manage-debts-better/
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