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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Make Money Fast Empire Grows

Its been a busy month around here. The conglomerate between myself and Greg has been going really well and we have bought a couple of sites, as well as created some from scratch which has really kept us very busy.

My Curry Recipe website has really taken off in the last month or so and its really great earning passive income from a site that started off as an idea (well actually it was someone elses idea, but he was kind enough to share it with me).

Its fair to say that I am struggling to keep up with everything at the moment, and my posting on this site has not been as frequent as I would have liked, however its impossible to do everything.

Arcade games sites
Greg and myself purchased one existing arcade game site , that had a reasonable traffic history and at the moment are creating one of our own. The new one is not quite finished yet as we are still in the process of uploading all the games however the site is Arcade Genius if you want to take a look.

Make Money Forums
Our make money forum is ticking along nicely with a lot of new members in the last month or so trying to get their hands on a share of the generous prize money that Greg has put up. The forum is set up for AdSense sharing as well - its great to be able to share the revenue of the site with the people that are kind enough to contribute to it.

On partners
I am lucky enough to have teamed up with three separate individuals on a variety of projects that I have got going on, and I must say I recommend it as long as you are linking up with likeminded and motivated people. Everyone has different skills and strengths and the key is identifying those and trying to cover all corners as best you can.

Income this month
I don't know how because it seems like I have spent most of my time mucking around with websites this month, however it looks like we may crack the tonne. 1K US and with the NZ dollar plummeting lately its certainly like getting a pay rise. As per usual a full summary will be done at the end of the month.

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