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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Google Giving Loads of Search Engine Love..

I have noticed that over the last three or so days on a couple of my sites the search engine traffic has increased enormously. PR has stayed the same however its obvious that something is going on with the algorithms because the increase is substantial.

I am interested to hear if other bloggers and site owners have noticed anything in the last couple of days.

The only problem with getting this kind of increase is that you start to expect it however its important to remember that it can be quickly taken away.

I was reading today an article about pagerank and what if Google decide to suddenly take it away - what happens to the whole text link industry if they do? Well I think it would simply get replaced with something similar, it wouldn't be to hard to calculate the value of back links for a site and work out a similar rating would it?

Google would still have to include backlinks as part of their algorithm so the best they could do would be to hide it.

You need to spread your revenue sources as much as possible, so if something is taken away from you your empire is strong enough to continue.

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Home Business Opportunity said...

Hi Rob

Yes have noticed the same also.

The interesting thing though is that although I've increased traffic to one of my blogs over the last month by 50% - the Alexa rating has reduced.

Also checked a few other Alexa ratings - all showing the same trend. Guess it will get sorted out in the fullness of time.

rob stgeorge said...

I am pleased to hear that its not just me, Google must be sharing it out nicely. Lets just hope they dont roll it back, as for me its doing some great things for my passive income!