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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to Get to The Front Page of Google With An Article

I am trying an experiment to try and get to the front page of Google with a search term on my Celebrity Blog. I was inspired by Mike from Mikes Money Making Mission and the success that he has had with his celebrity blogs.

Now if you haven't heard of Melissa Wolf she was an ex penthouse pet who is now in trouble regarding an illegal brothel. The court case is pending and I know that this is going to get a lot more publicity in the next few months so what better place to be than the front page of google for the words "Melissa Wolf"

At this point in time I am at page 2 and hoping to move to page 1, I will keep writing articles and linking to the site and keep you informed of the progress.

Lets call this the "Make Money Fast Melissa Wolf Experiment"

First steps when Creating an Article

  1. Use the key words as the first few words for your Title
  2. Use the term again within the first paragraph and if you can a couple more times in the article - its a fine balance between to much and not enough.
  3. Bold the phrase or italize in your article
  4. Get backlinks with the keywords to your article url directly.

Page 2 of Google

Next steps
Try and get a few quality links to your article with the Anchor Text of the key words, this lets Google give more authority to the fact that the article or page is related to those key words.

We will keep you posted on our rise up the ranks. Current position 20

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mick said...

Your Melissa Wolf link isn't working in the post.

Thanks for the mention.

Will be in touch,

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Mike - link fixed forgot the http:// as per usual