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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Make Money Fast With A Niche Website that Runs Itself

Blogs are all well and good for earning money online, the only problem is that you have to update them on a regular basis which although enjoyable most of the time is a bit hard if you want to go on holiday for a few weeks, or have a break for a while.

Niche websites that run themselves are hard to find, and its not often that you hit upon an idea that works well. Just over a year ago now I had the idea that it would be great instead of a job site where you searched for jobs, you could just place your own advert and let employers come and find you. I know this idea is not exactly unique, however I have never seen a site do it quite the way that I decided to. Most get to complicated and you end up attempting to upload c.v's and recording videos of yourself etc. I believe in keeping it simple, quick and user friendly.

Anyway from this idea and a few weeks of frantic developement at home on my laptop Jobhunters was born - the first site was our Job Hunters NZ site, and a couple of months after that I teamed up with my Brother in Law in Perth and we launched Aussie Jobhunters and then a couple of months later Euro Jobhunters, and thats where we stopped for probably the last 6 or 7 months. The NZ site has always done particularly well and right now we have something like 166 candidates registered and looking for jobs.

The Australian site is the next best and easily covers its hosting fees plus a bit left over. The Euro one has been slow to take off, and has only just started paying for itself however it is now ticking along making a nice little profit and theres not really anything to do, except check and approve new candidates when they sign up and promote the site when we have the time.

The NZ one has a blog attached and I try to write an article on that every now and then to keep the content reasonably fresh, also I have added a few cv templates and found helpful videos etc for the candidates to reference.

Always in the back of the mind I had the thought that one day we should step into the US market however never quite got round to it. In recent times however and after teaming up with Greg from Canada on a couple of projects we have decided to give it a shot and today Canadian Jobhunters goes live. Greg will be driving this site from that side of the world and although it hasn't got any candidates on it yet we will sort that out over the next few weeks as word gets around.

If you can think of your own idea like this I strongly recommend that you just go and do it, there is minimal cost to getting started especially if you have some basic IT skills, and plenty of templates etc out there that you can use. My site I made myself and I admit its not that pretty - my skills lie in the database backend, I am no web designer thats for sure, so its pretty basic but works well. There is nothing like the satisfaction gained from having an idea, turning it into a reality and then watching it slowly grow over time.

Plus it makes money while I sleep.

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