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Friday, August 10, 2007

Money4Blogs Back Up and Running

The very first way that I made a few dollars from this blog was back in October 2006 - I was just reading my first post, always interesting and I had said this...

As I need new income sources I figured why not create a new blog. Place some adverts and a donate option to it and see what happens.

Wow - haven't we come along way over the last 10 or 11 months, the donate option didn't last long as noone ever donated so I just removed it.

At around day 36 of my initial foray into blogging I came across and they paid me $20 US dollars to place a link on my site for a period of one year. This was a great boost to my online earnings and I really never looked back from there -Day 36 - Money 4 Blogs - Quick, easy way to make cash

For the last 4 or so months, I have not been able to access their site, however I noticed yesterday that they are back in business. Probably a good time to head over to them and see if they are still dishing out the link money love that got me started late last year.

I also noticed when reading my posts from November last year I had written a heart felt article back on day 24 called ..Day 24 - I Hate working 5 Days a Week - Show me the Money! its hard to believe that now I no longer actually work 5 days a week. It really shows that putting your goals and ideas into words can help to mold your future. I would have never believed that when writing that article 10 months later I would be well on my way to having my first 1000 dollar month and only going to work three days a week.

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