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Sunday, September 02, 2007

August Summary of the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another month passes and again we continue to press the boundaries and answer the questions that we ask of ourselves in our fascinating quest to make Fast Money Online.

Make Money Fast - The Experiment

The goal is that starting with only $36 earned in the first month (October 2006) to increase earnings by at least 20 percent each month with the intention of not only eventually earning One Million Dollars but to also be earning after only 30 months more than $7000 per month. We are now entering month 12 of this experiment.

So far are we have been lucky enough to blitz the targets each month. At the present rate of growth we are actually approximately 7 months ahead of ourselves...maybe soon we will be giving our resignation letter to our manager!

Top Referrers
The top 5 sites for August that have earned themselves another month on the front page and all the other 475 or so pages of this site are....

Worth an honorable mention having just missed the cut are..

Elizabeth Rose
David StGeorge Photography

And here is the graph, it's changed a lot over the last few months - things are really heading skywards.

Total money earned US $1121-60

If you want more info on how I achieved this I wrote about it a couple of days ago in the article How to Make 1000 dollars a month online..

In a month of firsts, this month is the first time that traffic has actually dipped on this site, however we did crack the 80 Mark for subscribers which is starting to head in the right direction. 100 would be a nice number wouldn't it?

I attribute the fact that traffic dropped to the huge time that I am currently putting into my other sites ( this weekend I have been launching our curry recipe site in the US ), also the launch of new sites. Unfortunately to get the systems in place to achieve my earning goals this just has to be done.

Good luck with your earnings this month, how much do you think you will make?

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simon said...

nice see you moving along so well, i seem only earn form paid to post reviews but am learning other ways

Sandra said...

Hi Rob,

Thank you for linking to my site even though I was not in your top 5 referrers :D

Get Paid To Fill Out Survey said...

Congratulations on the great job, 7 months ahead of projections is awesome. I am going to subscribe and get you 1 step closer to 100. Looking forward to the posts.

Rob StGeorge said...

thanks very much, at times I am surprised I have that many subscribers given the amount of sponsored posts that I do! oh well guess I hide them well.

Sandra: no probs - thanks for calling by.