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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Diary of a Money Maker

Today I awoke feeling a little deflated, things have been a little slow lately with my experiment and although it does go in cycles a little it can get you down.

Anyway for those of you that are interested in what could perhaps be described as a typical day for me, heres how it panned out...

7-15 am Got up and went for a run

8-00 am Breakfast, Showered and took my daughter next door for the school run

8-30 - 9-30 am Went through emails, replied to a few DP queries and managed to snag a small sale for a contextual link on one of my sites. Also began downloading a site that I need to transfer over for Greg - Money Made $5

9-30 - 10-30 am Played with my 1 and 1/2 year old son for an hour

10-30 - 12-00 pm Did 2 sponsored posts and sent a renewal for a link on one of my sites. - Total money now made $24

12-00 - 1-30 pm had some lunch and then went down town for a coffee as our coffee machine is broken. Its tough work being an Online Money Maker and we need our caffeine.

1-30 - 2-30 Began writing this article and picked up a post from the "grab bag" on Blogsvertise. Spoke to Greg for a while on MSN, what a time waster MSN can be! I know that to really start making this worthwhile I need to average 70 - 80 dollars a day, 7 days a week and I am a long way off that. Luckily I am looking after my Dad's online contact lens shop while he is away so I manage to pick up a few sales from that. Total money made now: $40

2-30 - 3-30 I manage to do another paid post, not the most enjoyable way of making money online but certainly one of the most effective methods that I have found to date. Also I write an article on one of my lesser known blogs to promote one of my new sites and I write an article to send to my friend who can hopefully post it on one of his .edu blogs (google loves links from edus) Total money now: $50

3-30 - 4-00 Chasing kids around the house. This is better than going to work surely?

4-00 - 4-30 I manage to slip in another quick post Total now $57

Thats enough for today, maybe I will do abit more later tonight, however I think I have had enough for now.

How much will you make today?

UPDATE: Managed to slip in another $15 paid post, bringing the total for the day to $72-00

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stratz said...

waste of time am I.. lol. I agree. sorry.

rob stgeorge said...

I am sure you will be like a long term investment, and hopefully pay off over time lol