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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Make Money Fast Without Getting Distracted!

Its fair to say that I get quite distracted on times, especially lately with my celebrity blog. I was looking for a Jessica Biel youtube video and found a great one of Jessica Biel Hot and Frolicking around the beach.

I think I could probably just keep watching it over and over again, however thats no way to earn a living or make money fast.

A fair portion of the traffic that I am getting to the Sir Blogger site is by targeting these long tail celebrity words and I am sure that you could do this with any site. The secret is of course traffic, once you have traffic its more a matter of which way do you want to make money as opposed to how can you make money.

It helps of course if you are blogging about something that interests you and I have to admit although I was never really that interested in celebrity gossip I am certainly starting to become drawn into the web of slander, affairs and tantrums that are part and parcel of celebrity life.

One person that I am sure will agree with me is Mike from Mike's Money Making Mission (and you may want to check out his how to make money website as well).

Celebrity blogs are something Mike has been experimenting with as well - he always has great ideas, and I must admit I have borrowed a few from him over the last year or so. Definitely one for the feed reader, or email subscription list.

Thats all from me, I do however have one article for you to read, and let me know what you think. One of my internet partners in crime and I wrote this article about how curry is coming to America, and we would appreciate your feedback on it.

If you are American I am interested to know what your favorite takeaways are and do you like Indian and Thai Curries? Sorry I know its a bit off topic, however if its any consolation you are indirectly participating in the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under by contributing!

Take it easy out there and happy Blogging.


PS Best comment gets a free Link and Plug.


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