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Thursday, September 13, 2007

How a Blog Can Help Your Site

One of the first sites that I created back over a year ago now earns a small amount of passive income every month. About 6 or 7 months ago I added a blog to it as part of my SEO strategy and it is now pleasing to see that some of the articles on the site bring in good traffic. One of the more popular articles I wrote is about how to go about your resignation letter - it's quite possible that there are a great many people out there not to happy in their jobs!

Sometimes certain types of sites can become very static indeed, and its well known that Google not only likes unique content, but also regularly updated content which is one of the reasons that Blogs can become so well ranked.

You may remember some of the other experiments that have been recently carried out on the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under as we continue on our quest to Make Money Fast.

Female Celebrity Foot Picture Experiment
In a bizarre twist to this one, the site I wrote the article on has slipped to number 11 and this very site ranks number 2! Could this mean that this site is due for some extra pagerank love from the big "G"

Melissa Wolf Experiment
Ex penthouse pet Melissa Wolf has been playing with the law and on our celebrity blog we have enjoyed writing about it. Currently we are pulling up at position 20 for this popular term.

These terms are bringing regular traffic to my site, proving that you can pro actively increase traffic to your site by using some "smarts" in the way you write your articles. Make them related to your site and do a little research on the subject you are looking at to make sure you are honing in on popular words.

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Anonymous said...

But by putting rather "extraneous" terminology into your site, don't you find that your viewer bounce rate is so high that it doesn't really help? After all someone looking for "Female Celebrity Feet" is unlikely to say "oh hey, this is a site about....(Finance, Blogging, Internet, whatever)" and stick around.
Traffic yes, but the right kind of traffic?