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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Make Money Fast With An Online Store

My Father is heading overseas for a month or so and I am taking care of his contact lens online store. Its not hard to have your own online shop these days and thats mainly due to the great open source shopping software used by thousands of websites around the world oscommerce.

From what I have seen the store makes a few hundred dollars a month in profit. Its quite easy to run its just really a matter of taking the orders and then communicating with the supplier.

Finding a good and reliable supplier is half the battle, however luckily for my fathers store he has been dealing with the same supplier for several years so the relationship is strong.

Once you have your store all set up you can drive traffic to it, and all things remaining equal the more traffic that you get, the more sales and profit you should make.

Its a lot cheaper buying lenses online than through a chemist, I have been buying mine online for years and its the same product, however you can normally save at least 25% on the price.

The prices on his store are in Australian dollars. If you wear contacts, why not give it a shot for your next pair?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the father on being very entrepreneurial! The Swiss_Mouse would certainly consider several hundred $ a month successful. Four Questions:
1)what kind of traffic does he get?
2)how does he draw traffic?
3)any thoughts on replacing the blue banner it was a bit jagged?
4)you think the Swiss_Mouse could sell cheese this way?( To Austrailians?)

Doug said...

Hi Swiss_Mouse. The visitors are mainly search engine spiders I think! Most of my customers are repeat customers over a period of years and a lot of them refer others.
The jagged banner is due to using jpg from Paint as I have never figured out how to put text into Photoshop. I could use the bmp but always try to keep the page load time down, lots of people still use dial-up.
If I was going to sell cheese I would get a line of specialty cheeses (e.g. Swiss, Dutch) that are not in the supermarkets and package them in $5, $10, $15 lots for easy ordering. Could work well for buyers who are not handy to a deli shop. Best of luck!
Cheers, Doug