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Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Money Fast - Detecting Duplicate Content With CopyScape

Most people are aware that Google likes genuine content, however not everyone is aware of Copyscape lets you put in a URL and it will check and find if anyone else on the internet has copied the content.

I have used the tool many times and also not only to check that my own content is not being copied, occasionally I use it in cases like when I start a new website in another country that may be a copy of one I already have, however I want to ensure that I am not penalized for having two copies, so I rewrite the content enough to pass CopyScape. That of course is no guarantee that it is going to pass Google's, duplicate content detectors, however its better than doing nothing.

Another use I can see it coming in handy for is say you had an article that you wanted to post on different blogs or sites, in order to increase the backlinks for one of your sites. By mixing up the anchor texts and ensuring the article passes copyscape you can ensure that it will be SEO friendly.

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Neil Shearing said...

What Google duplicate filters?

I don't believe they exist. In fact, I've proven there is no duplicate content penalty filter. Watch the 13-minute movie at my blog for the full story.

Neil Shearing