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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Advice to Those Getting Started

On one of the forums that I am a member of another member sent me a PM asking me along the lines of "Hey Rob, I have just started a blog and I to want to make $1000 a month, please help" - he had also seen the screen shots from my paypal and wanted to know more specifics as to what exactly was being earned.

I thought my reply to him may be helpful to others so here it is...

Hi XXX, I guess the hardest thing is starting out, if you start at the beginning of my blog you may get an idea of how I started, but remember it took 11 months to go from almost nothing to over $1000 in a month ( and remember this is more than one site ). In the beginning I think you really need to spend the first 2 - 3 months just building content up on your site, trying to get as many links from other sites to yours, and try to post on a regular basis to get people coming back.

Nowadays I spend most of my time writing sponsored posts, and selling advertising on my various sites, however they all have traffic and pagerank and thats what you need to try to get first of all.

If you want to move faster you could consider buying an existing site, that may save you months of work.

Hope that is of some help, specifically the money in my paypal is from lots of things the main ones being,, and private advertising which I sell on the digitalpoint forums.


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Anonymous said...

First off, the Swiss_Mouse would like to make a $1000 a month too! Cheese is getting expensive!
Seriously, just saying $1000 a month doesn't really relate to it being "free" money. Time and effort have to go into it. Especially during the early months, so that by the time of making $1000 a month (on a blog) the "per hour" revenue might actually be quite small.

The payoff would come if you then sell the site, or better...keep it going and expand your revenue stream while keeping your workload at (or below) their current level. That is when the cheddar will roll in. The Swiss_Mouse has a friend who has built and sold several sites during the time that the Cheddarblog has been live. But when you compare the $ made to the number of hours put in.......he's working for pennies.