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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Make Money Fast Honeymoon is Short but Sweet

I have noticed when writing articles about certain topics for a few days shortly after the article is published I tend to rank particularly well for the term, then suddenly they drop from the radar often altogether, and then over time they may slowly climb again.

It has now happened many times, I can probably almost plot it on a graph, however I will attempt to demonstrate with an actual example.

Key words Jennifer Lopez Exposed

Sep 14th Article Written
Sep 15th 13
Sep 16th 9
Sep 17th 9
Sep 18th 13
Sep 19th 17
Sep 20th 18
Sep 21st 13
Sep 22nd 9
Sep 23rd Vanished.... PUFF!

How weird is that, I guess Google likes recent content and you are in the spotlight for about 10 days then you are history.

Also I was thinking maybe that was the time the article may have been on the front page of my site, which of course has a higher PR than a page on its own.

I will watch in interest and see if it appears again in the near future as a blip on the radar, something to keep in mind though when writing articles it pays to keep them coming one after the other.

The tool I use for tracking my keywords is the Digital Point Keywords Tool

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George said...

I see that same thing. It can be good and bad. I think it is because the post is on your home page and once it drops off the home page Google thinks it is less relevant.

Swiss_mouse said...

Thanks for the article, the Swiss_Mouse went and immediately created an account....looks very interesting.

rob stgeorge said...

Definitely food for thought!

The tool is very useful over a period of time.

Bob butane said...

This is very interesting. I bet a study like this would mean an awful lot to social scientists.