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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Astore Landing Page Experiment Relaunched

After renewed interest in the initial landing page experiment I have decided to relaunch this particular campaign. With a greater knowledge of AdWords than what I had at this point I think I have managed to significantly decrease my cost of clicks for the one product that I did have some success with.

Also this week I am working on creating two new websites, one is another recipe site along the same lines of my curry recipe site, and the other a sports news site.

I have a bit of time this week due to half the family taking off to Perth for a few days, lucky for some!

There is also a 7 year old kid giving it a shot (landing page) with his Lego Store - we will let you know how that goes to as long as they keep updating me!

Stay tuned for daily updates as the Astore Landing Page Experiment continues!

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