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Friday, October 19, 2007

Million Dollar Memorabilia

As I get closer to my goal of making lots of money fast online I could if I wanted start filling up my house with memorabilia from celebrities, sports stars and entertainers.

There is a great site that has all this and more and its called The site is very well laid out and you can browse through the collections from the comfort of your own house.

Look at this example, it is a scarface movie display that has been signed by Al Pacino himself!


Some of the pieces like this one are limited editions, in this case there are only 3 such pieces produced worldwide!

You can search the entire site just by typing in a keyword, this makes it very easy to find those hard to find collectibles and you don't need to spend hours going through the site to do so.

Not all the memorabilia is signed - in addition to the signed pieces they also have some great unsigned movie masterprints and displays.

Its always great to be able to entertain guests with the memorabilia that you have collected over the years. One thing is for certain - the more famous of course the better!