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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Count Down Begins

Well in a couple of days I begin my biggest online money making challenge, and I am really looking forward to it.

Luckily for me I get a day or two's holiday from both blogging, websites and the kids thanks to some great in-laws and a need for a rest.

So never fear, we have not given up, we are not going away, just having a day or two off before the challenge begins, stay tuned as we embark on Monday to find our way to earning $500 in just 5 days. Each day we will by diary show how we do it, which means that you if you are hard working and willing to give it a shot, theoretically you should be able to easily replicate these great methods of making money online fast.

Today I spent most of the day playing on the beach with my kids, and its days like this that make you appreciate the simple things in life, and for me working 40+ hours in a corporate job is just not going to cut it any more, surely if we have a few brains we can stop selling our skills to someone else and being bound to their time frames and rules. Why not work for yourself, and live a fantastic lifestyle from anywhere that you want in the world.

That is the dream, the $500 5 day challenge will help convince myself and my family that it can be a reality!

What do you want to be doing in 1 years time? still bashing away at the same job? If nothing changes in your life then thats what you will be doing, however its your choice.

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Anonymous said...

The Swiss_Mouse is truly envious of those who truly love their jobs. NOT those who are so hyper about doing WELL in their jobs or "looking good", those who truly love their jobs.
Some day the Swiss_Mouse hopes that others will look at him and say, "There goes a mouse who is calm, cool and cheddariffic."

But don't let time slip away, many years ago the Swiss_Mouse dreamed of leaving the Rat Race behind and planned and planned, but never acted. Today his stuck in his corporate wheel, but preaches to the young wide-eyed underlings that they need to get while the getting is good. Make their own cheddar not live off the "man's" cheddar.