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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Year Anniversary - The $500 5-Day Challenge

Well it has been just over one year since we began this fascinating adventure and we would like to announce that next week, we will be attempting to make $500 in just 5 days.

Now obviously I don't expect to many other people to be able to just drop everything and commit themselves to such a challenge, however if you want to give it a go and see how much you can do in a short period of time, then please let me know and I would be happy to of course add your results and experiences to this site.

I kind have it worked out that I will break the day into 4 $25 dollar segments, earn 25 before morning tea, then another before lunch and do a similar thing in the afternoon. Often when you break big goals into smaller chunks they can be a lot more achievable.

Rules of the $500 dollar challenge

1./ Money can be earned, does not have to actually be paid, so if you do a $15 payperpost that counts as $15 regardless of the fact that you have not yet been paid for it.

2./ The days are Mon 8th, Tues 9th, Wed 10th, Thu 11th, and Friday the 12th of October, you can do separate dates however the days must be consecutive.

Prizes - if enough people are interested in entering I will put up a prize, however the incentive is the motivation to earn some dollars.

I don't mind if anyone else does it or not, mainly I am doing it for myself and will be writing about how I get through each day.

Its a good time to subscribe to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under, and join us as we prepare for next weeks challenge - to make $500 in just 5 days.

Can it be done?

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Sandra said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary! And good luck with your 5 day challenge.

Mike Perry said...

Great idea. I'll be away on a short break for that period otherwise I would have joined in. Good luck!


stratz said...

Count me in I will give it a try... Not sure if I will do good since I have a full time job and you will still be oh holidays and be able to spends more time online then me. Maybe I will try selling myself for sex online or something.

Either way count me in.

Rob StGeorge said...

Sandra: Thanks! it will be interesting thats for sure.

Mike: Cheers mike enjoy your trip!

Stratz: Ok you are in, I don't think you will have any luck with what you are suggesting however, probably best to pull a couple of sickies!

BloggerNoob said...

Even tho you didn't hit your goal you did an impressive thing. Its hard to be inspired by make money online bloggers but i was by you and this project. thanks.