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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Featured Post - Advertising Media

myadbase.com is an advertising marketplace and sales lead generation system for media owners and publishers. There basic services are actually free of charge however they do also offer enhanced services which myadbase sell as packages.

There are so many different forms of advertising media available these days it is almost mind boggling, going back ten or so years ago things were a lot simpler - however it was also a lot more difficult to reach the wide range of consumers that companies can now target.

If you are a media or publisher seller it is a good idea to contact myadbase.com and they can help you reach freelance ad-sales people that are based in Ireland or the UK.

If you are looking to buy advertising space myadbase.com can assist. The comprehensive and wide reaching system is designed and built to work through all types of advertising throughout the UK and Ireland, including websites, billboards, television, magazines and just about every other advertising medium you can think of!