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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Summary - Day 2 of the Make Money Fast $500 Challenge

Well today has been a bit of a battle with Greg bombarding me with jobs to do for GRIS for some of our combined projects, however I guess either way I am making money, I am not counting GRIS money in this experiment though...

This morning I had a good start to the day earning 10 pounds from money4banners, link is at the bottom of this post. (= $US20-00).

Payperpost was very sparse this am which immediately put me on the back foot, and advertising sales on the DP forums has also been quiet today.

Never one to quit though I now am glad I had such a big day yesterday and have battled through as best I could today, the totals are below...

Thanks to the following programs and sites that have helped us achieve our goals today. Please note some of them are affiliate links, so if that upsets you please don't say I didn't warn you.

Money4Banners $20
Payperpost $21.00
PayU2Blog $10.00
Blogsvertise $10.00
DP Forums $9.00
Contextual Advertising $4.21

That folks comes to a total of $74.21 for day 2, I started at around 9-00 am and had a very interrupted day today. Luckily we are still ahead of budget total is standing at $221.36.

Tommorrow we are really going to have to pull out all stops to avoid falling behind.

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GettyCash said...

Congratulations :D

I am waiiting for money4banners start their 2nd payouts for this month.


InvestorBlogger said...

Site rejected when I applied for the banners program.

Fine. I got other things to do. Perhaps I was already making TOO much money for their taste.

Shailendra said...

The site link is not proper for

Make Corrections as fast as you can.
You are loosing your affiliates for Money4Banners.

btw I corrected the link and joined the program. Wasn't aware of this site.