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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to use a Page Rank Penalty to your Advantage

In recent weeks as you may know myself and many others have been hit with a Pagerank Penalty, it appears that Google are finally making good on their promises to fight back against those that attempt to gain links in non - organic methods. This means specifically reciprical links, link exchanges and the dreaded "buying and selling text links".

In fact I am almost wondering whether it would be prudent to even stop talking about text links altogether as it appears unless you are a big name blogger no mercy will be shown.

I am on a bit of a positive thinking buzz at the moment and have now realized that this timely reminder has been given to force me into action to find better ways of making money than by writing sponsored posts and selling links. Here are some of things I am going to attempt to do over the next few weeks...

  • Concentrate on creating more content, in the hope of attracting organic search traffic as well as "natural" links
  • Run PPC campaigns and attempt to make more than I spend or at least build up the worth of some of my sites, by getting more signups and hopefully return visitors.
  • Experiment with selling banners/links with the idea of selling traffic rather than pagerank.
  • Continue to look at alternative and additional methods of monetizing my existing traffic.

I guess I am thinking along the lines that if I concentrate my efforts on these things and suffer a short term hit in income, long term the theory is that I will be creating a more sustainable business model.

Don't forget to stick with us as we try these different methods, you will still see a few sponsored posts as we still have to pay the bills and reach our ever increasing exponential targets!

Another record money making month in October, make sure you check back or subscribe to catch our monthly summary coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

I see Kumiko Suzuki's blog has jumped to PR5 despite the fact she openly flaunts her link sales on nearly every page. Obviously they're just picking off an unfortunate few.

Anonymous said...

yes.... must be something some of us are doing that others are not. Or perhaps her site would have been even higher if not for the "wealthy sites" on the page.