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Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Money Fast By Finding Out How Much Your Visitors Earn

One of the key metrics when looking at generating traffic for your sites is to work out how much you will earn once they reach your site. I will demonstrate what I mean.

I have site A and it has 2200 unique visitors a month and generates $35 a month on contextual advertising. Now I work out the ..

revenue / visitors to get revenue per visitor.

In this case 35/2200 = .015 so my visitors are earning 1.5 cents each. This doesnt really work to well if your income is generated on a per month or per year basis, best to consider when looking at earnings related to your traffic e.g AdSense, Widget Bucks etc.

Why do I want to know this, well if I for example wanted to do a Google AdWords campaign and drive extra traffic to my site I know that if I spend 3 cents a click on Pay Per Click I should get half of that back. If your site converts well enough maybe you can even make some money!

This is also something you can keep track of and try to increase as much as you can. The more you can raise this the more effective traffic campaigns will be.

I am experimenting a lot with this at the moment, and will of course share my experiences as I go on.

At the moment I am using AdWords as my PPC program, however I am very interested to hear about what programs you have used as alternatives to AdWords and what kind of results have you found?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I believe these types of "mini-stats" are key stats to monitor and become aware of in the early stages of blogging.

I keep a detailed excel spreadsheet of all my stats such as average 30 day rolling stats for # of posts I make, # of visitors, $ earnings from adwords, etc.

I haven't calculated my value per visitor though, but it should only take a few seconds to add that column to my sheet. I'll go do that now. :)

Anonymous said...

Paul: thanks for calling by, you are right it is very important to keep a track of how you are going on a daily basis, keeps you motivated to!