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Thursday, October 11, 2007

One heck of a day

The day is more than half over, however I am only just half way to my target today, another battle ahead unfortunately but that has come to be expected. PPP are again not giving me much love at this stage of the day, however I keep refreshing in the hope that a $20 job will materialize in front of me, however today I am lucky to get $10 posts.

There is a lot of news flying around about biggish name sites losing PR because they are selling text links, I find this hard to understand, as a lot of the sites have great content which surely is what Google is all about? Why punish sites with great content?

Make sure you check back later on for the full summary of Day 4. Its going to be a close call is all I can say at this stage.
Luckily Greg has left me in peace today, he must be at work, this has meant at least I can get some work done!

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