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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summary - Day 4 of the Make Money Fast $500 Challenge

I thought I had today sorted after scoring a writing gig for a bunch of articles. However guess what they took a lot longer than what I estimated, meaning I got tied up doing those for the majority of the day and they were not enough to put me over the line. Also payperpost has been terrible for me today so that is not helping things.

Well noone said it would be easy, today I am a bit short again, however now only one day left, and I need a big one, serious selling required tommorrow on the DP forums to try and bring in enough dollars.

Now is the time to tell me you want to buy a page on my site or something, lol.

Payperpost $10.00
Smorty $14.40
Payu2blog $5.00
Article writing (4 articles) $40.00
Contextual Advertising $3.14

Well my loyal readers thanks for sifting through the sponsored posts! Anyway the earnings for today comes to a total of $72.54 (day 4), unfortunately it was another under budget day however I still got a few solid hours in. Alas we now drop below our budget where the total is standing at $390.35.

Tommorrow it is time to stand up and deliver, can I crack the $500 mark or have I bitten off more than I could chew? How do you think the final day will go - maybe it depends on how much payperpost love we get!

Until tommorrow...


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Sandra said...

Hi Rob, just want to wish you lots of luck for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that you will pull it off tomorrow. It's been pretty inspiring to read how you are doing.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Sandra, unfortunately I am just typing up the results for the last day now and looks like we dont quite get to our target.... still an interesting experiment however!