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Friday, October 26, 2007

Time to diversify

I think many of us have realized lately how you cannot rely on one single company for our online endeavors and I am of course talking about the way that Google can with one almighty swipe wipe out millions of dollars of text link value off the face of the earth in one single night. Will the text link industry ever be the same?

You used to be able to have assurance that if you generated enough one way links to your site you would end up with a fairly solid PR and in turn rank well on Google.

However the landscape is changing and so we must change with and adapt to the new environment and try to profit from it as best we can.

I think a lot of webmasters are up in arms a little at the moment, as for some many hours, weeks and even years of link building has now become useless, I notice that Matt Cutts home page has a PR rank of 6 and has one sentence on it, yet sites like copyblogger have tons of great info and doesn't even sell text links and his site is one that got the big slap and had his rank decreased from 6 to 4.

One can only wonder what they are trying to do, however one message is clear if Google remain the number one search engine they have an incredible power over what site owners can and can't do. I wonder if they would have done the same thing if say msn was number 1 and they were trying to gain the top spot.

Imagine if MSN suddenly brought a pageranking of their own and they did still place a high value on backlinks, however although it would probably not be to hard to convince all the bloggers out there right now to start using the MSN search engine how hard would it be to convince joe public?

I have recently heard on a couple of sites starting with shoemoney that widgetbucks have now pissed off google as well, by the way perhaps they place links in their widgets. How right do you think it is that Google gives widgetbucks such a slapping that they don't even rank for their name. Is it just a coincidence that they are competition for AdSense?

I used to think Google was the greatest, I have it all the gmail, the google homepage, I use the document apps and spend half my day with Google. I used to think they were like the underdog, looking after the little guys however now I am not so sure.

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