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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Make Money Fast - Google Adwords Update

Well for the last month I have been buying traffic via Google AdWords and then sending to various sites and paying varying amounts per click. I have learned some valuable lessons about AdWords in this time and would like to share them with you. As far as money made I am pretty much breaking even at the moment from what I can work out, and heading for a record month on AdSense earnings which is fantastic.

What I am essentially doing is trying to buy traffic low by targeting long tail keywords and then send them to sites which will convert well and pay reasonably highly for its targeted market contextual advertising. If you can earn more than you are paying obviously you are on a winner.

Don't stick with a losing campaign unless you have to.

By all means give your campaign a bit of time before you ditch it and it helps to have more than one campaign and site to compare with as well, however if you are not converting well and just wasting money then it could be time to pull the plug.

Add more keywords a few days or a week after launching campaign

When you initially set up your campaign by using the keyword tools you will be able to set up a good range of words, however after approximately a week or even a few days you can then add additional keywords related to the words that are working well for you.

How this works is that you use the keyword tool and will see your best performing keywords at the present time, the tool will then pull up a number of similar words (long tail ones) that should suit your site and by adding these you should start to see improved impressions and click throughs.

Look at results over weeks or a month rather than a day by day analysis

Often you can have a day where you spend a lot of money for no return at all, however other days you may spend very little however the traffic may convert extremely well, its a matter of stepping back and taking a look at the overall picture rather than focusing on every click.

Don't be afraid to experiment

For my own situation although I am trying to create an income to live off, I am also conscious that sometimes you need to spend money to make money and by reinvesting some of the money I am making on generating more traffic and hopefully more money my sites are self financing themselves for future growth. If you don't experiment and try different things then you are going to struggle to build your online empire, there is however an element of commonsense involved and don't spend to much time flogging a dead horse. AdWords for me works well for some sites, and is terrible for others however as I keep experimenting I can close the gap between earnings and expenditure and perhaps even turn a small profit.

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