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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Content Really Is King

Over the last few weeks instead of trying to make 10 or 15 dollars here and there via sponsored posts (apart from a few I am committed to doing) I have taken quite a hit income wise but have just concentrated on content content content and I have to say that even though the time frame has not been that long the results are certainly starting to pay off.

Anyway what are the results of all this extra content effort?

Better passive income
- My contextual advertising is steadily growing

More Traffic - For a while there traffic appeared to have peaked and was heading a little down... now we are back on the upward path.

More enjoyable
- Its much more fun writing an article about something you are interested in - as opposed to writing about some kind of lamp shade that you have never heard of!

The chance to build a readership - There's a big difference between writing articles because you want to create content, and writing articles because you are trying to fill the gaps between your sponsored posts...

Search engines love unique content, we all know that and its just a matter of creating it.

There is a trap however and that trap is going for the easy dollar. I for one have been very guilty of it in the past. Maybe I am finally learning?

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