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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Make Money Fast With Facebook Apps

One of the ways you can make money online is with a facebook application, with facebook apps the users of facebook can plug them into their profile and you have a bit of space where you can add your own advertising to the application which will actually appear within the facebook site via an iframe.

What is a facebook application?
Facebook applications are probably the best thing since sliced bread, a great way to share quiz's, games and many other cool things with your friends. They are essentially a small application that you can add to your facebook profile.

Heres our facebook app... Flash Arcade App .. feel free to add it to your profile of course..

The Technical Bits
To be able to work with your own facebook app you don't need to be a software developer especially if buying something already made, however you need to be able to ..

  • set up your hosting
  • edit php files
  • have basic understanding of php/html

You also need to add the developer application to your own facebook profile.

Where can I buy facebook applications from?
You can either develop them yourself or buy one already made, we bought ours from the DP forums. Well actually Greg bought it as I didn't think it was a great idea at the time, however its looking good so far.

There will be future articles on how well we can make money out of this, and the techniques that we will use to try to make it viral.

Maybe I will see you on facebook..

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Forest Parks said...

Hey I was thinking about doing this and recently installed the dev app but could not understand how.

Thanks for the help.

Also I have noticed that you need to update your blogger commenting options.

I wrote a tutorial showing you how here:

It takes a couple of minutes.

Yoko said...

Hi.Cool info and nice blog.

Stratz said...

well we will see how the App goes I hope it works out if not then hey we can say we own a facebook app.... how many people can say that.??