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Monday, December 03, 2007

November Summary of the Make Money Fast - Million Dollar Experiment

For me November has been a pretty strange month, unfortunately I had to work full time for a couple of weeks which slowed the money making down a bit and also the recent bitch slapping that Google has given myself and thousands of other bloggers has affected my earning potential in the way of selling txt links and also paid posts - but don't worry I am trying to take it like a man.

As a result of both these reasons, what little time I have had I have tried to mainly concentrate on content creation, as well as setting up a couple of new sites and as always trying to keep improving all the other ones..

Quite a bit of money still trickled in from the previous month, but its really going to hit me in December I am thinking, but that's ok I will continue to try to build the core of passive income and not worry to much about the rest.

Traffic has been great for the last two months and November saw a small gain over Octobers traffic which had been a record for us. By getting to the front page of Google for keywords like "Make Money Fast" we are starting to get a good flow of traffic for these and related words.

Top Referrers
1. Cash Quests
This site has recently been sold - thanks for everything Kumiko, will be interesting to see what you are up to in the future.. I am sure you have something up your sleeve.

2. Mike's Money Making Mission
And what a success it has been so far Mike! Thanks again for all the traffic.

3. Hot Blog Girls
An excellent site, full of quality content...

4. David StGeorge Photography
My brothers blog, not sure why he sends me so much traffic but I am not complaining!

5. Gregs Blog
My old buddy Greg, somehow Greg always seems to make it into the top 5

Just missing the cut this month was who was only 7 visitors away from making the top 5. I found an interesting article on his site about being banned from
sounds like a raw deal to me.

New Sites
Two new sites in the web farm this month..

Wedding Love Songs - A place to search for the first dance and entrance songs for weddings. Its been more interesting creating this site than I first imagined, especially watching some of the non traditional first dance videos.

Unblock Shop
- Another proxy site

The numbers - how much money was made

This month we added $901.49 US dollars to the kitty, which brings our NZ total so far to $7862.07 with only $992,137.93 cents left to go.

It was a record month for AdSense earnings, and this is something I am going to continue to concentrate on increasing for the months ahead.

This month I am expecting a drop in earnings, as hardly did any paid posts in November.. trying to create content instead and improve the passive core of the operation.

Good luck in your endeavors - and feel free to leave a comment with how much you made this month..

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Mike Perry said...

Many thanks for the mention (and the link). It's strange that you were also number 2 in my blog referral list with Kumiko 1st.

I didn't realise that her site was sold - though not really surprised.

Good luck with everything.