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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Make Money Fast With Pay Per Play

Guest Post by Greg Barnaby

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Another way to monetize your website is now through playing short audio Ads when visitors first visit your website. Now I first found out about this method/site a while ago and thought that as it would be annoying for my visitors I decided to skip it. Today in searching for more monetization methods I came across it again. I decided to look into it more and think about it. Now my opinion has varied on the subject. Most of the time I have my volume off when I surf the net and only turn it on if I am listening to something or watching clips. So some of you will not hear the advertisement. The second is that why not put it on a couple of website where what the traffic thinks is not maybe so important as it is all search engine traffic. So I think we will try it out on our arcade and MySpace Profile sites.


Ok so I bet you are wondering why write a post about this? Who cares? Right? Well after reading PayPerPlay's Blog I realized that as of this Friday the 15th of February they will be no longer be accepting new Publishers. If I want to get in later I need to be in now. So I signed up and will try PPP on several sites.

Now PPP is still in Beta its self and will be paying out starting this month so I am cautious. However with the deadline looming in just a day or so for them accepting new publishers I though it would be worth the risk. You can read more about this Company though their Blog.

If you want to sign up and try it on a few of your Sites or just want to make sure you get in before they stop accepting new people then Register with PPP.

They do pay 2 levels deep for referrals and I advise signing up just to get in before Friday. We are always looking for new ways to Make Money Fast and are always trying new ways to monetize our websites and earn more cash. This could be another way to add to what we all ready have. Sign up and see if this way will work for you.


Mike Perry said...

Haven't bothered with PayPerPlay as I'm using Voxant videos on my higher traffic sites. Can't have an ad and a video playing when someone comes to the blogs!

Like you I mostly have my speakers turned off but the videos playing automatically on a couple of my blogs hasn't effected the traffic in any way.

Good luck with PPP.


stratz said...

Thanks Mike,

I have seen how you have succeed with Voxant videos from your posts in your blog. Do you not think having a little ad playing at while the video is loading will make you earn more money?

I will try and keep you informed on how it goes. I am waiting for Rob to add the code to the sites when he has time to see if it is worth it.

Money maker said...

Thanks for sharing this news. I will add it to my website and will keep you posted.
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