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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Make Money Fast - Passive Income with

For all of us bloggers the ultimate goal is to make passive income. To create enough passive income that will allow us to work part time or not at all in real life. Many of us sell Links and Banners for our sites. Thus creating a form of monthly passive income. Now it is easier to sell these on your website. is a company which pays you 3£ per ad per page with a max of 5 pages per site and 5 sites per account. This means you can earn a max of 75£ which translates into 150$ us roughly. They also offer 5£ sign up bonus which is payed in your first payment from them.

Now this will take a few minutes to set up and then you have to wait until they match advertiser to you. Then all you have to do is simply add the code they give you and you are on your way to earning passive income on a monthly basis. If you are lucky and get all your spots filled then you will have created passive income to the tune of 150$ per month. If you have more then 5 sites I can suggest that you get someone you know and trust, then sign them up under you and apply your other sites in there account.

Click here to sign up to to start earning passive income today.

Remember once you are given codes to add to your site do not forget to actually put the codes in. Most people sign up for Kontera or PayPerPlay and do not add the codes to there web site, thus do not earn passive income. If you sign up put the code on your site!

If you want to see an example of one of the ads, check the bottom small banner advert on our site Worlds Oldest People


stratz said...

guess I should point out since writing this post. Rob and I have received 17 pages to put ads on so that is over 100$ a month we will receive.

John said...

Thats great stuff.

and it goes to show that even small amounts can add up very quickly.

how long after you applied did it take for ads to start coming through?

Loving the site.


Jenny said...

I was about 9 days since we added the sites to the site that we got an email saying we have ads for the pages. Other people I have talked to had the same time line 7-14 days usually.

Yeah the small amount add up quickly. We are happy with it.

Mike Perry said...

That got me thinking. Must admit I've always ignored this as I thought £3 wasn't sufficient.


Hope all is going well,

John said...

Hi Rob.

I run an invite only carnival for bloggers who are proven earners and run top quality blogs.

(Latest edition at:

by keeping it invite only it keeps the quality of content high

Mike Perry suggested that I contact you.

Would you possibly be interested in joining the carnival.
Many thanks


Oscar said...

Just signed up, see how we go...I hope they actually pay...

Mattress Monster said...

been with matched for 4 weeks now and still not got an advertiser...hope one comes soon!

Emily Veinglory said...

I wouldn't put them under 'make money fast'. Ive been waiting two weeks now to be matched with no indication of how much lomger it will take.