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Monday, March 24, 2008

Mortgages - Keeping Them Under Control

For many of us having a mortgage is just one of the expected expenses that we plan for and can normally keep on top of as long as you don't over extend yourself and unexpected events don't transpire that could possibly affect your ability to pay off your mortgage.

For myself I have several Mortgages, and at times do struggle to make ends meet especially with recent circumstances that have brought about a rather drastic increase in my living expenses.

One way I do try to cope with my sudden increase in expenses is by increasing the time that I spend making money online, and it does pay to have an additional income source for unexpected events.


Rachel said...

I agree that it is well worth earning a bit extra online. My online earnings will allow me to be abl eto pay my mortgage off at last 11 years early (on a 25 year mortgage) which will save me huge amount of interest.