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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Top Current Passive Earners - Lazy Mans guide to Making Money Fast

As you have probably noticed I have not been dedicating much time to actively making money online lately, however it has been an experiment in itself to see which avenues that had been set up on my sites continue to tick away earning money for me while I have been doing very little actively on the sites.

On a personal note I want to thank all the readers that have stuck with this site over the last few months, even though there has not been a lot going on... Sometimes life is a funny thing and although most of the time things continue in some sort of consistent pattern, events do transpire that change the course of your life forever. Often its just a matter of rolling with the punches, taking one day at a time and working through things until you recover some sort of normality in your life.

Anyway below are the top passive earners that have kept ticking away for me over the last little while, number 2 and number 3 are affiliate links so if you sign up via my link and make some money, its possible that I will see a small return for sending you there.

1./ Google Adsense - has always been the top passive income earner for me, basically install the code on your site, drive traffic to your site and you will make money. There are probably methods that could be better used to monetize this space, but for ease of use most people I am sure would agree that Google Adsense is right up there.

2./ Linkworth - It has really taken me a while to begin earning consistant income with these guys but for the last few months thanks to slowly but surely building up a few advertisers that are happy to purchase advertising on my sites they are now earning a reliable residual income. Sometimes even if things don't always go your way you really need to be persistent to achieve that goal of making passive income online.

3./ Bucks4Banners - These guys just keep paying me for a few banner adverts that I have. Easy to set up and they just keep paying month after month. Often its a bit hard to figure out what sites they will accept however from what I have found they are not that keen on "make money online" sites and prefer more natural kind of sites.

I would be very interested in hearing which are the top 3 - 5 passive earners on other peoples sites, so please share, however only please if you are actually making money from these programs.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah He is Back.. Welcome back mate. good to see. you. Speaking of linkworth did that advertiser buy the arcade link? Good to hear Passive income is possible. I would say the will be a decent passive earner with 100$/month. And hopefully adsense will catch up to your levels soon