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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Short Term Money VS Long Term Gains

Lately I have been in the situation where I have needed money fast, ( to pay bills ) and the time frame has been short. However its a dilemma in itself because normally if you want to make money in a real hurry I have found that I have had to do the likes of sponsored reviews, or sell links. This is all good and you can get quick results however you also need to focus on the long term stuff which means creating worthwhile and valuable content that is going to create passive income, and unfortunately spamming your sites with paid posts and links is not really the best way to go about it.

My answer to this has and always will be multiple sites, I have sites which have never seen a sponsored post anywhere near them, I also have sites which I pretty much use solely for sponsored posts. ( not this one if you were wondering, this blog is a mixed bag where I try to create content, but do a bit of advertising as well )

How much money can you make in a short time frame?

I went to one of my paid post sites tonight and wrote 5 quick short posts that took me around 30 minutes and I was paid $US 25-00 for my efforts. Thats not great money, but it was quick and effortless really and filled a need ( money for the bank account ).

Balancing it out

The important thing is if you do something like this try to make sure you also spend time creating content or improving traffic to your key sites, so that you are not only fulfilling your immediate requirements but also working on creating a longer term and reliable passive source of income, that is really the golden egg, that I think most of us are seeking. So don't ruin your sites for short term gain if you can help and are looking to really make decent money fast online.

Good luck with your quest to make money fast online!

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