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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Catch 22 of Text Link Ads

A couple of months ago I got an email from Text Link Ads that informed me they would no longer be selling new links on my site as Pagerank had gone.

This is ironic because if I hadn't sold text links I would still have a great pagerank.....

Nowadays I don't even bother trying to sell text links, however keep earning money of those that I have sold in the past. As they drop off however my monthly income from these sources slowly declines.

Are text links a thing of the past? Maybe with the increased popularity of search engines like "bing" Google will focus on providing great search results for sites that have great relevant content, and stop punishing sites for trying to make a few dollars (Which one could argue helps to encourage that great content...)

One thing that I am going to try to do more of, and it's something I have probably neglected in the past is to stop worrying so much about making money out of every article or site that I own, and just to focus on building sites that are useful to people. I think if your site is popular enough the money will come and find you.

As for Text Link Ads, they keep paying me each month, so I won't be too rude, but I do have one word for them after that email...


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Fun By Earn said...

Nice if google dont punish small niche sites.

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