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Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Itunes (free) app - clean up duplicates.

Its a raining Saturday afternoon, so I am sorting out my itunes library. I am always having problems with duplicate songs and songs that are on my computer but don't make it into my itunes library. After a bit of googling I have found a great app, that is even better because its free and works like a charm.

Meta ipod

Basically you install the app, add any folders that contain your music. The app then scans the folders and your itunes library and highlights a number of areas including duplicate songs, and missing songs. The scan took about 20 min, but I have nearly 30 gig of music, so figured it would take a while.

After the scan you just click a button and work through fixing up whatever it finds, end result more music and less duplicates! A great way to clean up your library.

Let me know what you think of the application, if you decide to give it a go, I could not believe it was free for such a handy utility.

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The Technology Insider said...

crapped out with larger libraries.....I have over 400 GB and it just kept thrashing....

Anastacia said...

I'm using it right now and it's great! At first I thought "Free? Seriously? There has to be a catch.", and so far haven't found one.