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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creating a facebook page for your website

Well being on holiday for a few days with the kids, has given me a bit of time to work on getting a page set up for my jobhunters websites. If you can get a page set up, and then get lots of people to like it the theory is that it can virally spawn off traffic as friends of friends see it and so on.

I am running a small advert campaign from within facebook as well to send traffic to my main site and will report back on that in due course.

Anyway I have just set up my page and only have a few likes on it right now. However if you have a page and want to do a "Like Swap" Please like my page below and leave a comment with yours and I will go and do a like on that, and encourage my visitors to do the same. Together we can like eachother to success!!!

If you know of any better ways to get likes for your facebook page that are legitimate and not too expensive please let me know.

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