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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day 11 The climb continues thanks to YOU!

Thanks to all those that have linked to my Blog, and given me the pleasure of linking back to yours. I am very impressed with the supportive comments that have been left to date and have had a good time visiting many of your Blogs.

Thanks to a few new links this Blogs Technorati Ranking has lifted a couple of hundred thousand places. What a great way to climb a ladder, by simply helping out fellow bloggers also rise the ladder.

You can view the rise at..

Money wise it is only trickling in a few cents a day, however that is a start, once I get to the end of this month my Sports Betting Experiment will begin, the results will be posted on this site as we try and beat the odds.

I must say I am a little concerned about how successful this will be, some of the people I have spoken to think it is a great idea, some think I am crazy. We will give it a go and feed the results straight out into the blogosphere so other gambling hopefuls can learn from my mistakes.

The theory is to bet small amounts on MUST WIN bets where the return is so small that there is little risk of losing. Can someone bet this way and win more than they lose? That is the question I will be looking at answering over the next few weeks.

If anyone has any sports betting advice please share it, any techniques that you have used effectively would be much appreciated. I will not be betting on horses just basic sports teams bets, where one team is well favoured over the other. No emotion will come into it, no bets will be placed on teams that I support.

If you found this site to be helpful or inspiring you are welcome to donate to Robs Experiment!

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"PoEt" said...

looking to link up... it would be good on your sports blog

Burtle said...

Thanks for checking out my Blog, I have had a look at yours and have placed a link to it from my site!

Mike said...

Your blog's looking good! You know, I've gone through life never having had a proper bet! Something I've always avoided ... guess I should take a look sometime.

"PoEt" said...

ill add your link up... whats your sports link?

i also added u to technorati favorites

Ben Uy said...

Good luck with your venture, and thanks for linking to my blog, I'd put up a link to your blog as soon as I clear up some template problems.

Burtle said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Poet: Just a link to would be appreciated, I do not have a separate link for the sports betting.