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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day 12 We join a paid survey company Ciao

I noticed one of my like minded Bloggers Martin was using a paid survey company called Ciao and seemed to be making a few bucks out of it on a weekly basis, so I thought in the interests of the experiment it would be a good idea to sign up and see if I could to.

I signed up yesterday and that was relatively simple to do, however there was quite a lot of profile information included in the registration process. Also it was necessary to join Paypal as this is how they pay you.

It looks like they will send a couple of surveys a month and I am not certain how much each one pays yet, however any money is good money at this stage of the game!

When I get a survey a full update of how long it took, money paid and more will be posted so watch this space. There seem to be a lot of scam artists out there in the Paid Survey business so if you are going to consider joining one, I advise you to do your homework carefully.

If anyone has had any sort of success with paid surveys please let me know of any recommendations you may have. There does not seem to be a great number of choices available at this end of the world, alot of them appear to be US and Europe orientated.

Moneywise we cracked the $4 NZ dollar mark today so that was great to see, however we still have a long way to go. (This is revenue directly from this website only to date)

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Tom said...

I can recommend Ciao. The profile may seem like a lot of work to complete but the more information they have the easier it is for them to find you a suitable survey. I gave them a full profile and I get 2 or 3 surveys a week - they are usually worth about GBP £1 (USD $1.90) each. A survey takes about 10 minutes to complete - quite a long time for only £1 but it's worth it if you'd only be surfing the internet otherwise.